The Classic Video Poker for iOS

We are excited to announce The Classic Video Poker for both iPhone and iPad. You can choose to play multiple hands. On iPhone, you can play up to 25 hands while on iPad, you can play up to 100 hands.

On iPhone

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On iPad

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Download from Apple Store

2 thoughts on “The Classic Video Poker for iOS

  1. There is SOMETHING very WRONG. The other night when I stopped playing I had a balance of 10,000. The next morning I had a balance of 500!!

    I just bought 10,000 for $6.99 and I received 5000!!
    I almost bought the 50,000 – glad I didn’t!!!!!
    Something is wrong!

    • Please check if you have $2 dollar denomination selected. One credit is only for one game dollar. The denomination is what is shown in the center oval yellow circle and you can tap it to change it. If the denomination is selected as $10, purchasing 10000 game credit will then show 1000 credits. You still get 10000 credits! Change the denomination back to $1 you will see 10000 credits. Thank you for your interest.

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